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Read for Wellness, empowering children facing adversity through the power of books.

We believe that literacy and well-being go hand in hand, and books are a powerful tool to support a child’s capacity to learn, grow, heal, and overcome obstacles.

The Read for Wellness program ensures that children facing life-altering adversity and limited resources have equal access to literacy support. We provide these children with fingertip access to a library of books tailored to meet their individual needs—books that bring enjoyment, foster academic growth, and address topics related to their health and emotional well-being.

Many of the children we support endure challenging long-term health conditions, resulting in frequent school absences, developmental delays, and a shortfall in fundamental reading and writing skills. We also recognize that serious illnesses, like other adversities, profoundly affect children emotionally, hindering their ability to heal and progress. That’s why we incorporate therapeutic storybooks designed to address relevant issues and provide support and guidance to children. 

USA Read Wellness

Our dual approach and early intervention resources equip children with vital skills and emotional resilience, empowering them to unlock their potential and thrive, regardless of their circumstances.

Join us in introducing children to the joy of reading for wellness. 

Book Distribution

We provided books and support to Michigan, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Tennessee and South Carolina. The disruption in education, due to Covid-19, is having a massive impact in the early childhood development of literacy skills.

Millions of U.S. households do not have consistent access to computers or the internet, and because of this many school-aged children in the United States were disproportionately impacted by the pandemic and school closures. Covid-19 has created a bigger divide in the reading gap, and this gap impacts people of color, low-income zip codes and low-income families at a higher rate.

We will establish and run 15 USA Reads chapters, in partnership with local community organizations and school districts. This will allow us to reach 500,000 children.

Books USA Reads

With the support of our Ambassadors, we reached 12 States through our vast network of local champions and community partners. Join with us with the expansion of our local chapters, as we impact thousands of children each year!

Our Impact

  • Be a local community voice for literacy.
  • Establish 100 “Pop Up Libraries” in the laundromat where children can access free books and start the journey of reading each day.
  • At peak times, we turn up the volume on the importance of reading, particularly during World Book Day, Summer Reading Programs, International Literacy Day and the Holiday Season.
“There is no substitute for books in the life of a child.”
Mary Ellen Chase.

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