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To celebrate International Women’s Day, we are making March International Women’s Month! Support girls’ education for just $25 a month.


International Women’s Day is March 8th, 2024

This year USA Reads dedicates the month of March to girls and women globally as we raise money to support efforts with girls’ literacy all over the world.

The impact of COVID has had a devastating effect on girls’ literacy. A demographic that is already limited with access to education in many parts of the world. With the re-opening of schools, class sizes are hugely impacted, and girls do not get the attention they deserve, and this is having a toll on setting girls up for success in education.

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We are seeking:

100 Education Scholarships100 Education Scholarships

for disadvantaged girls in Colombia, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Australia, United Kingdom and United States.

These 12-month Educational Scholarships These 12-month Educational Scholarships

will provide Suitable books, literacy support, tutoring and other education resources.

In some countries, In some countries,

they will provide extra support, like assistance for transport to school, provision of a lunch and a school uniform.

The monthly commitment of $25The monthly commitment of $25

will focus on literacy development in the early years of a girl to ensure they build a solid foundation in reading, writing and language.

The girls face several financial barriers but are eager to learn. The girls face several financial barriers but are eager to learn.

The support provided is designed to overcome these barriers and empower/equip them to learn

One $25 monthly donation will provide sponsorship for one girl.

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