Executive Director

Meet Caroline Burkie, the World Literacy Foundation’s Executive Director with 12 years in the charity sector, specialising in fundraising, donor relations and communications. Caroline lives in Exeter, the latest UNESCO City of Literature in the UK.

I am so proud to work with the World Literacy Foundation team and our incredible supporters and partners because a childhood without books should be unimaginable for everyone. I feel passionate that every single child, no matter where they are born, no matter their circumstances should not only experience, but have endless opportunities to truly engage with books, reading and writing.

I believe that when stories are told, connections are built and when connections are built, hope and choice follow. The elements that contribute towards child illiteracy are complicated, yet by working together with our supporters, corporate partners and Ambassadors, I have no doubt we will reach every child who needs access to books and literacy support. 

It is hard to believe the extent of child poverty in the USA, but, it exists and it is getting worse. Children living in the most deprived postcodes must have access to the same opportunities as their more privileged peers because they too deserve the very brightest futures. Literacy and access to books from birth are essential to a healthier and more content life. Illiteracy is preventable, so I will do whatever it takes to ensure that together, we achieve our mission.