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The power of one book

Nourishing a child’s mind in the first 10 years of their life is as essential as feeding their body. New scientific research confirms that what happens to a child’s brain in their earliest years shapes the adults they become, the success they achieve, and the contributions they make to our economy and society. Unfortunately, too many of our kids today are not getting the nourishment they need.

Millions of kids are growing up in a Zip code where illiteracy is common and the ownership of a single book is rare.

At USA Reads, we want every child to have at least one book, so that they can begin to find the joy of reading.

Why books?

6-year-old Juan is one of millions of children living in an underserved zip code in America and doesn’t own a single book. Actually,60 percent of children from low income backgrounds are facing illiteracy and a reading gap due to living in homes without a single book.

The evidence is clear. The ability to learn to read is the single most significant factor to allow a child to reach their full potential.   At USA Reads, we strive to close the literacy gap and see kids discover a love and habit of reading.    We are specifically focused on children from African American, Latino, ethnic minorities and low-income backgrounds.

Covid 19 affects kids literacy - USA Reads helps

Impact of COVID 19

We are all feeling the impact of COVID-19, and this is especially true for our children – particularly children living in poverty or in communities of color.

This pandemic affects low-income populations and communities of color the most, deepening existing inequalities and further polarizing early childhood literacy development.

Without school or their regular support systems, children around the world are struggling with fear, anxiety, and isolation unlike anything they have ever known – and experts agree that the emotional and psychological consequences of this will last far beyond the pandemic itself. As lifelong advocates for the social-emotional well-being of children, we at USA Reads are working harder than ever to make sure that our youngest and most vulnerable are not left behind during this crisis.

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Get in touch

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USA Reads is a national initiative of the World Literacy Foundation, a peak international charitable organization operating in USA, Canada, Latin America, United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, and Australia. www.worldliteracyfoundation.org    We are striving to eradicate illiteracy by 2040, one book at a time. North America World Literacy Foundation 501 (c) 3 EIN 46-1201100