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6-year-old, Ryan can’t sleep and is feeling scared about his first chemo treatment. He finds comfort in a book about Grover, the adorable blue monster, who also can’t sleep. He’s afraid, too! Together, page by page, Ryan and Grover face their fears! – This is the power of books! Children find comfort and companionship within the pages of a book. Books can help calm, give courage, inspire, and navigate feelings of grief, anxiety, and loneliness. Reading stories help children process stresses big and small and create opportunities for dialogue.
“Books can be a lifeline for seriously ill children.”

When a child is diagnosed with chronic illness, their whole world changes, and they need extra support to manage the distress that comes with being sick.

For children like Ryan, being sick and in the hospital can be scary, stressful, and lonely. 

Serious illness causes a child to miss out on life, fall behind in development and struggle mentally.

Without access to specific resources to help, these children may never reach full potential and have lifelong struggles.

We believe finger-tip access to right books can be a tool for intervention, support, and empower a sick child to thrive despite their condition.

Our Read for Wellness, program provides underserved children with serious medical issues, hard cover, and e-books selected for their needs. Books covering topics such as ‘what to expect during a hospital stay’ to ‘tools to handle emotions’ ‘understanding cancer’ and ‘just for fun’ books.

Today, YOU can bring comfort and joy to a sick child by giving the power of books.

“When the power of literacy is paired with the resilience of a sick child – healing knows no boundaries.”
When you support Read for Wellness, you ignite reading and empower well-being for children living with complex illness – books for joy, therapeutic, and health education needs.

Today, YOU can make a difference! Thank you for caring about children and believing in the power of literacy.

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USA Reads is a national initiative of the World Literacy Foundation, a peak international charitable organization operating in USA, Canada, Latin America, United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, and Australia. www.worldliteracyfoundation.org We are striving to eradicate illiteracy by 2040, one book at a time. North America World Literacy Foundation 501 (c) 3 EIN 46-1201100

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